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Family Retreat

A Transformational Holiday!

Make your next Family holiday worth remembering by delving deeper into who you are and connect in a way with yourself and others that brings a new found peace.

Allow your children to also be facilitated to reduce anxiety, stressful thoughts or any overwhelming feelings that they may experience.  Your children will have fun hanging out with a group of kids, while you meet their parents for two sessions a day with Rosie Stave.

Rosie Stave (pictured right with Dad, Jess) will facilitate the Adults in The Work of Byron Katie, while Tammy Reid (pictured below with Liz Kerley – another facilitator) will facilitate the Children’s Program incorporating The Work while ensuring fun activities are the main part of the day!


$500 per Adult for 4 days (8 x 3-hour sessions)

$200 per Child for 4 days (8 x 3-hour sessions)

+ Accomodation

(Example FAMILY of 4 $1400 for the Retreat + Accomodation)

Liz & Tammy
will facilitate the kids

Welcome The Whole Family!

So you want to go away with the Family and take a deep dive into yourself . You are spiritual and so is your partner and you are sick of doing retreats alone while one stays home to take care of the kids. You’d like your kids to take a look at themselves too hey?! Perhaps they are also ready for some inner awakenings? Some Self-Reflection? Self-Inquiry?   Let’s face it, if they’re teenagers they are already onto you and perhaps pushing a few buttons. Then this is the Retreat for the whole Family. Don’t worry if you have a 4 year-old they will get to hang out, play in the sand, swim and so will you. This retreat is on the beach and you will have some free time. It is suggested you arrive Monday 4th April, settle in and leave Monday 11th so you allow the weekend to relax with the whole family and integrate before returning home. 

Event Schedule


Most Families are arriving on Monday 4th April, 2022 and departing on Monday 11th April, 2022.


Arrange your Accomodation directly with the Ballina Beach Village. Choose a Cabin or Powered or Unpowered Campsite. When booking quote REFERENCE: 189079 FAMILY RETREAT


TUESDAY 5th April - FRIDAY 8th April 2022 ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
SESSION 1: 9am - 12 noon
SESSION 2: 2pm - 5pm

ADULTS - Facilitated by Rosie Stave
CHILDREN - Facilitated by Tammy Reid


You are required to arrange your own food for your family. Come prepared, cook in your cabin or van or campsite. There is a cafe onsite and catering can be provided. A few months prior to the Retreat options for Catering will be emailed.

Support Staff

While Adults are working with Rosie Stave diving deep into The Work of Byron Katie, all your children will be cared for by Tammy Reid who has a team of 4 staff assisting to create the best experiences for your children. All children will be exposed to "The Work" during the Retreat.

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