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I am obliged to tell you for your protection and mine that by using this website, purchasing or attending a one-to-one session, attending a workshop or retreat or otherwise engaging with Tammy Reid, you acknowledge that you have read, comprehended and fully agreed with the following disclaimer.

This website is for general information and education purposes only. Use of this website, or attending a meeting, workshop, retreat or one-to-one session with Tammy Reid, or having an email dialogue with her, is NOT a replacement for or substitute to face-to-face, in-person, qualified medical, psychological or legal advice, diagnosis or treatment. Tammy is not a medical doctor nor a licensed psychotherapist. Tammy does not diagnose, cure, heal or treat disease or psychological conditions or otherwise prescribe any kind of medication whatsoever.

If you think you are suffering from a medical or psychological disorder or condition, please consult your doctor or other appropriately qualified professional person or service immediately. You are invited to consult your doctor and/or therapist about one-to-one sessions workshops or retreats with Tammy Reid in order to make an educated and informed decision as to whether or not they are right for you. If you are considering suicide or feel that you may be a danger to yourself or others, please notify the Police or Call Emergency on 000. Never, ever disregard professional advice or delay seeking professional advice as a result of something you have read on this site or from anything that Tammy says or writes to you. Tammy Reid shall not be liable for claims or damages, and expressly disclaims any and all liability of any nature, for any actions, or non-action, taken as a result of her one-to-one sessions, workshops or retreats.

Sessions with Tammy are an in-depth, honest, exploratory, private and confidential conversation and may be considered “spiritual” in nature rather than therapeutic or prescriptive. A one-to-one session, workshop or retreat is intended and designed to be informational and educational for you, and provide information, support and encouragement based on information that you choose to share with Tammy. You are fully and solely responsible for all information that you provide to Tammy, for your interpretation of Tammy’s words and actions, and for all actions resulting from or relating to your encounter with Tammy. Tammy does not guarantee or warrant any particular outcome or result from your session, workshop or retreat, or other kind of encounter, with her, and makes no claims as to the effectiveness of the session.

Using Tammy’s services is entirely at your own risk without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including without limitation any warranty for information given, advice, or opinion. The services are requested by your own choice and with your inherent singular responsibility. Thank you for your personal responsibility and your understanding.

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