Tammy Reid

2 Hour Couple Session Available

This session is for you both individually.

As a couple you choose to invite a third party into your communication process to assist understanding.

I offer no advice. Advice is not what you need. I offer a simple process of questioning for you to discover the clarity you are seeking.

True Aspect of Listening

Couples allowing another to facilitate a session with them allow for a way of listening to their partner that is not available without the third party. As one is talking to the facilitator uncensored and without interruption from their partner, the partner has the rare opportunity to experience what is being said without taking it personally. Without feeling personally attacked defences drop and the need to change the other becomes unnecessary. 

Couples begin to realise why the communication hasn’t been working as they have been seeing things from different perspectives.

New ways of Relating

Communication is guided and a process of listening is facilitated to ensure each partner is heard.

 The most powerful process for Conflict Resolution I have experienced is this method, developed by Byron Katie, which I have been trained to facilitate. It is powerful to complete the process with one another and then you can use the method as an ongoing part of a new way of relating to one another.

This Resolution Process is also effective in Family Conflict situations between Teenagers and Parents and in work situations between a boss and employee. It immediately creates listening and understanding.

I have each of you in my heart and hold the space for you to hear one another and come together. In the process, new ways of relating are established as well as a deeper understanding of each other’s ways of perceiving situations.

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