Tammy Reid


Tammy Reid facilitates transformation and healing. After unravelling the limiting beliefs of mind, the change needs to be integrated in the cells of the body. Cellular unfolding is then embodied through integrative bodywork. This is a vital part of the process so that conceptual understanding is lived.

Your Facilitator

Tammy is a Zen Thai Shiatsu Therapist and Yoga Teacher who has been offering her own unique Integrative Bodywork for over 20 years. She works with the body to assist it to relax. All tension is calling for a space to let go. Cellular unfolding is assisted by integrative bodywork. Enjoy the healing space Tammy offers your soul.

Heart Delivered Approach

A heart-delivered approach that envisages the body as far more than just a mechanical device that needs fixing up! The body is a gift to be honoured, valued and treated with great care. Tammy incorporates Bodywork, where possible, as the embodiment of the integration of new perceptions is needed if wisdom is to be lived and a new world open. A gentle way of working with the body, respecting that true healing comes from within the body’s innate intelligence, which is activated during the Bodywork treatment. Reading the Chakras to start the session Tammy then records information she receives for you and drops the body into the parasympathetic nervous system so rest and healing occur.

Note: Please wear comfortable, flexible clothing to offer an unlimited range of movement. All treatments are done clothed, often using cloth between skin and skin contact. Some treatments do need skin contact and the use of oil, this will be communicated and optional. A nurturing option that assists the integration of the body-mind experience. In service, Tammy.

Thanks heaps for a fantastic bodywork treatment last night. My back and body feel great, my insides are working, I feel inclined to be and eat healthy and feel inspired and full of energy! Can you please book me in next week?


Massage Therapist

Having a healing session with Tammy was a very beautiful experience. I felt deeply nurtured and supported. Her insight during the session was very valuable to me. It has helped me to look differently and change areas of my life.



With multiple skin cancers on the front and back of my chest, Tammy helped me remove blockages and I was able to get on with my life and caring for myself.  Tammy was also helpful in connecting me with others who assisted with diet and supportive therapies which all aided.