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Tammy Reid

Tammy Reid is a Certified Facilitator with the Institute for The Work. She is qualified to serve on the Helpline for the Institute and has graduated twice from Byron Katie’s School for The Work. Tammy has been facilitated directly by Byron Katie multiple times.

In 2016 she began to share this Inquiry-Based Stress Reduction process. Now her sessions incorporate all the tools she has gathered along her journey and she continues to remain the student, collecting wisdom from everyone she encounters on her path. Her interest is unconditional love and learning how to live it. Tammy works with children, teens and adults, couples, teachers, psychologists, therapists, those in crisis, those who have suffered trauma and anyone who would like to explore the limiting beliefs holding them back from living the life they imagined.

Advice is not what you are looking for, as it will continue to have you seek answers outside of yourself. Tammy is skilled at listening and utilizes various methods to help clients discover their own solutions rather than offering advice. She provides a safe environment for her clients and acts as a facilitator to make navigating life’s challenges easier.

Life Experience

Tammy’s diverse life experience informs her listening and ability to understand the viewpoints of others. An open mind is an open heart. Experience is the teacher.

Following university she travelled for 3 years before returning home to Australia and entering into a corporate career. From Sales Manager to Westpac Bank Manager and then General Manager of an air-conditioning company all by the age of 27. Tammy then left corporate life in 1997, qualified as a Teacher, and taught for over 20 years. Her passion for working with children with Autism would take precedence for the next decade as she assisted her nephew, Jack. For more about Tammy’s experience with Autism, click here.

During that time, always learning, she became a Yoga Teacher (B.S.Y.A.) in 1999. Studied with Gwynn Williams in 2011 to become a Zen Thai Shiatsu Massage Therapist. Opening a Yoga Studio in her 30s in Brisbane while teaching children with Autism for Autism Queensland, Tammy was to enjoy the diversity that working in multiple areas brings.

Now 54, Tammy’s passion is to share The Work with individuals and groups.

Tammy's Journey through 'Loving What Is' and The Work

In 2004, I came across a weekend workshop called “Loving What Is”. The title struck me. I’d been trying so hard to change “what is”. This sounded like an invitation to stop and possibly love things and people as they are. I was keen for this to be possible as I lived with a lot of fear. No one knew that I used to experience intense fear in certain situations. I kept this secret and judged myself for it, as it seemed so ridiculous. Images of past traumatic events would visit and I would just believe there was something wrong with me. I was highly critical of myself.

I did the work on my thoughts about the past and I no longer live with fear. I live compassionately with myself. I’ve developed a Self-Compassion that I never knew was possible. I found The Work such an effective tool to deal with my past that I now live in the present without images of the past scaring me. I feel safe in the world.

I now facilitate others to do The Work. I have experienced doing the work on past traumas, fear, anger, blame, mother, father, sister, brother, relationships, autism, and self-judgements. The work offers a way for me to meet the mind with understanding and myself with a loving kindness that continues to grow. I find that this exploration is endless. I welcome you to join me.

I am a counsellor and Certified Facilitator of The Work. I work with children, teens, adults, couples, and families. I am available for private sessions, workshops and retreats. I work face-to-face, online or on the phone and look forward to hearing from you. I am located on the Gold Coast in Australia.

Inquiry-Based Stress Reduction Process (IBSR)

The Work of Byron Katie, also known as Inquiry-Based Stress Reduction (IBSR), is an ongoing and deepening process of Self-Realisation.

A simple way to question the thoughts that create stress. This is Self-Inquiry. When applied to different emotional, mental or physical difficulties, The Work can radically alter your perspective.

What The Work offers is a way to live with a kinder mind. This is a simple process and a space in which deep listening is offered. With an experienced facilitator, like Tammy, there is no imposing of values or opinions. As well as Individual Sessions for Adults, Teens and Children,

Tammy also offers couple sessions, family conflict resolution and workplace collaboration sessions. Tammy is available as a Keynote Speaker to speak about Mental well-being and what to do with a busy mind.

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