Tammy Reid

The Work of Byron Katie


You will never speak to anyone more often than you speak to yourself in your head. The Work offers a way to live with a kinder mind.

Meet internal stress with understanding & yourself with loving kindness in a session with Tammy.  

Tammy facilitates an Inquiry-Based Stress Reduction (IBSR) process, known as The Work of Byron Katie.  

A simple way to question the thoughts that create stress.  

This is Self-Inquiry.  

The Work is an ongoing and deepening process of Self-Realisation.  When applied to different emotional, mental or physical difficulties, The Work, can radically alter your perspective.  

What The Work offers is a way to live with a kinder mind. This is a simple process and a space in which deep listening is offeredWith an experienced facilitator, like Tammy, there is no imposing of values or opinions. 

As well as Individual Sessions for Adults, Teens and Children, Tammy also offers couple sessions, family conflict resolution and workplace collaboration sessions.  

Tammy is available as a Keynote Speaker to speak about Mental Wellbeing and The Work of Byron Katie


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Work with Tammy

Meet stress with understanding and yourself with loving kindness.

Couples Session

Tammy facilitates a Conflict Resolution Process based on The Work of Byron Katie for Couples.

About Tammy Reid

B.A. (Hons.), Dip. Ed, B.S.Y.A., J.P. (Qual.)

Tammy facilitates an Inquiry-Based Stress Reduction process, known as The Work of Byron Katie. It is a way to meet reality with clarity, a way for you to relate to yourself with loving kindness and end the inner turmoil, which is so often the cause of stress. Tammy Trained at The Institute for The Work of Byron Katie.  Suffering is optional, find out how.

Life Experiences

Tammy’s diverse life experience began with a corporate career in her 20s (Sales Manager, Westpac Bank Manager (J.P.Qual.), General Manager). In 1997 she qualified as a Teacher (B.A. Honours; Dip.Ed.) and taught for over 20 years. Along the way, always learning, she became a  Yoga Teacher (B.S.Y.A.) in 1999 and a Zen Thai Shiatsu Massage Therapist in 2011.  Discovering “The Work” in 2004 Tammy then trained to become a Certified facilitator of this powerful practice.



Tammy has made The Work of Byron Katie, an integral part of her life and is a Certified Facilitator with the Institute for The Work, the only worldwide Certification Program for The Work of Byron Katie.  

Tammy facilitates others with compassion and understanding.  Advice is not what you are looking for, as it will continue to have you seek answers outside of yourself.  The Work of Byron Katie is a simple method to find your answers within. 


Qualified to serve on the Helpline for the Institute for The Work, Tammy is twice a graduate of Byron Katie’s School for The Work, and has had the privilege of being facilitated directly by Byron Katie, numerous times. In 2016 she began to share this Inquiry-Based Stress Reduction process. Now her sessions incorporate all the tools she has gathered along her journey and she continues to remain the student, collecting wisdom from everyone she encounters on her path. Her focus is being a living example of Loving What Is.